Contaminants of Concern

Based on prior sampling at the Site, EPA has identified contaminants of concern that include depleted uranium, beryllium, copper, and nitrate. The Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study process will further evaluate the extent and type of contaminants in the environment. Following the delineation process, the locations of and types of contaminants will be evaluated to select which contaminants will be evaluated in the Risk Assessment.

A detailed explanation of what contaminants have been previously detected at the Site, the locations of those detections, and the processes for further delineation and risk assessment are provided in the Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study Work Plan (RI/FS WP), which can be downloaded on the RI/FS Related Documents page. The Site has been divided into Areas of Investigation (AOIs) based on the potential sources and types of media of interest. Click here for an interactive Site Map depicting the AOIs and analytical results.

October 11, 2016

Last updated on October 11, 2016