Ramping Up to Complete Building Demolition

Currently, we are completing a sub-slab investigation┬Ł program, which involves drilling holes through the concrete floor slabs, and then collecting soil samples below the buildings. This information will be used to refine the scope and estimated cost for the next phase of work. The next phase of work will be the Remedial Action, during which the slabs and impacted sub-slab soils will be removed.

Our demolition contractor, Charter, is expected to re-mobilize to the site in late March 2016 to perform the final utility decommissioning and other preparations prior to building demolition. Building demolition is planned to commence in mid-April 2016, and is expected to continue through August 2016. After demolition is complete, the building foundations will remain in place and an impermeable cap will be installed to minimize water infiltration until the Remedial Action. To see the progress photos of the buildings ready for demolition, see NTCRA Progress.

Once building demolition activities are in full swing, up to 12 trucks will leave the site daily. Work is planned for weekdays, with truck traffic scheduled between 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM, to avoid rush hours and the period when school buses are active.

Last updated on October 11, 2016